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Waxing & Sugaring

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Waxing is one of the most popular methods of body hair removal. This affordable method of hair removal helps to keep unwanted hairs at bay for 2 to 6 weeks. Though many people prefer to get their body parts waxed by a trained professional, some are able to do it conveniently on their own. Waxing for hair removal can be practised in most areas of the body including eyebrows, face, legs, arms, back, abdomen, feet and even the bikini area. In this method, a layer of molten wax is spread thinly over the skin. Types of waxing Depending on area of treatment, waxing can be of various types such as:



Full arms $25
Half arms $25
Under arms $15
Lower leg $20
Upper leg $25
Full legs $35
Lower Back $30
Bikini Line $15
Deep Bikini $25
Brazilian $40




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